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Texas School of Mental Health


Texas School of Mental Health is an institution based out of USA and The Netherlands. TSMH wants to create a community of mental health professionals and offer innovative programs to help people suffering from mental health issues.

The website is designed such that the topic of mental health looks approachable, and not daunting. We gave the website a playful yet professional look, with the color palette picked from their logo.



CodingBuds is an online platform for teaching coding to little kids through games and other interactive means. The website enables visitors to book a free demo session and also purchase courses.

The web design can be described in 2 words – fun and colorful! Free use of colors, cute graphics and subtle animations make this website stand out from its competitors.

Topographix Equipments


Topographix Equipments is a Pune-based company specializing in Industrial Automation and now venturing into Artificial Intelligence. The website was designed to have a clean, minimal yet professional look which would appeal to their client-base. 

By strategically placing related content together and providing easy navigation,  User-Experience was drastically improved from their previous site. Most importantly, the website inspires and makes it easy for users to contact the company.   

Nutrition Clinic


Nutrition Clinic is run by Pune’s top Dietitian Dnyanada Chitale-Pusalkar. Keeping up with her motto ‘Health brings Happiness’, the website was designed using fresh, pleasing yet minimal elements.

The website showcases her career achievements and client reviews effectively to help establish trust with visitors. To help visitors take decisions, the website also puts up easy to understand flows of processes and approach taken by Dnyanada. The website has now also equipped her to conduct online consultations with her clients more easily.



Shilpin is an Indian brand selling beautiful handcrafted bags sourced from rural India made by traditional craftsmen. The website has been designed to keep a simple,clear yet ethnic look. 

To enable the client to sell internationally, the online store changes prices and currency based on user location. The products are categorized at two levels to help visitors find what they want easily. 

Smart Configuration Wizard


We worked with Ithena Technologies as a third-party vendor to provide them with the development of a configuration wizard for their existing smart application.



EMSeva is a door-step 2-wheeler service operating in Pune. We followed the standard automobile industry color palette – blue and red, but made sure the design stands out among the industry competitors. The website helps potential clients book a servicing session by filling up a simple and engaging form. It’s a website focused on providing only right and relevant information that users are interested in.

Pulse - Sustainable Square

COVID-19 Survey Portal

The client, Sustainable Square, wanted to launch a survey to access how the COVID pandemic has changed people’s lives across the world. We made them this portal where users can share their stories, videos, or any creative work that they have made during the lockdown. The main survey is more of a candid chat where the user can share their joys and sorrows. The portal shares the results of this survey using charts and diagrams!

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